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SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Spencer police officer and a Jones police officer are being commended for their actions during an officer-involved shooting on New Year’s Eve that ended peacefully.

It happened around 10 p.m. on Dec. 31 at a home on Northeast 52nd near Douglas in Spencer.

“In this incident, an individual decided he wanted to shoot at my partner and I,” Officer David Cagle with the Jones Police Department said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Cagle is talking about a life-threatening situation that he and Officer Dillon Pettus with the Spencer Police Department encountered that night.

“The initial call came out, it was a domestic between a husband and a wife that live downstairs,” Capt. Robert Tye, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Investigations, said.

Pettus arrived on scene first.

Cagle responded to assist when Pettus learned someone inside had a gun.

The domestic dispute was already taken care of, and Hugo Gomez was in custody for that crime.

However, the man who lives in the upstairs unit of the home, Jose Lazaro-Valdez, was still inside.

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Officer David Cagle of the Jones Police Department.

“They went in to additionally clear the house and make contact with the subject that was upstairs, upon entry into the room, there were shots fired by the subject at the officers,” Tye said.

The officers returned fire, retreated and then spoke to Lazaro-Valdez, convincing him to drop the weapon.

The situation ended peacefully, with no injuries and no lives lost.

“We determined that the officers were justified in what they did,” said Tye. “We presented all of our findings to District Attorney David Prater.”

Prater sent the departments the following statement:

“Officer Cagle and Officer Pettus should be commended for their exemplary response to their attempted murder by Jose Lazaro-Valdez. Lazaro-Valdez was intent on killing your officers. Cagle and Pettus employed defensive tactics…that allowed them to successfully resist the attempt on their lives. While your officers were defending themselves, they were careful to not endanger any innocent bystanders. They actually showed great restraint in their use of firearms. Nobody died due their amazing response.”

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater

“They used their brains, instead of their trigger finger. They thought it out,” said Lt. C.O. Moore with Spencer police. “They had conversations, de-escalated the situation, got themselves into a position where they had the upper hand and the suspect surrendered peacefully.”

“We did exactly what we were trained to do. We were able to escape the ambush, go into some verbal de-escalation and ultimately disarm the shooter,” Cagle said.

Pettus was unable to attend Wednesday’s press conference because he is military reserve and was called to Washington, D.C. to assist with security at the 59th presidential inauguration.