SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Spencer man is locked in the Oklahoma County Detention Center after being arrested multiple times on Thursday. 

“Obviously, he’s dangerous,” said Lt. C.O. Moore with the Spencer Police Department. “It’s a great relief for him to be removed from the street. He’s on his way to the county jail right now and he should be there for a while.”

According to Moore, Dakota Rust, 21, led the department on a chase Thursday afternoon, after committing an armed robbery. During the chase, Rust was allegedly driving the truck he stole. 

“During the pursuit he was throwing firearms out of the vehicle, and we had several officers pursuing him,” said Moore. “The subject went all the way back around to where he had stolen it from, was taken into custody there on several charges.”

Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Co. Jail, Dakota Rust

Moore said at that scene, Rust broke away from officers, but was quickly tracked down and taken back into custody. 

But he didn’t stay there for long. 

Around 4 p.m., Rust allegedly escaped custody again while at St. Anthony’s Hospital. This sparked a nearly two-hour long manhunt. 

“I saw a couple of cops come around with a drug dog, and I can immediately tell that there’s something going on,” said Corbin Massengale, who works at the Electraleaf Dispensary in Midtown. “They come in here and they’re asking me if I have seen anybody in an orange jumpsuit.”

Massengale said he hadn’t. However, later on in the evening, he said he heard an unusual sound coming from the back storage area that’s shared by the nearby businesses. 

“I could hear chains and all that stuff. So, it sounded like he was in full-on jailbreak mode,” said Massengale. “So, I go round over to the front, and I call the cops back over here, and I’m like, ‘Hey, I think you guys missed somebody back here.’”

Police found Rust hiding inside a “cubby hole.” He was then taken into custody, again. 

Moore says Rust was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center, where he’s facing a long list of charges.