OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Officials say a stabbing suspect led police on a chase, with a woman he kidnapped in the car, from south OKC to Goldsby Monday afternoon.

“This [area] is normally quiet but we got chaos today, man.” said Curry Warner, who lives near where the incident started.

Authorities were called to the scene near E Memorial Rd. and Westminster just before 1:30 p.m. Monday where they found one man injured.

“This call started out as a domestic break in in far northeast Oklahoma City,” said Msgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “A man was stabbed by another male.”

A neighbor who says he spoke with someone at the house after the stabbing, and helped call police, told KFOR he believes the suspect is the ex of the woman who lives at the home.

“The sister… She went down to file the VPO on him today,” said Ben Cousin, who lives nearby. “This is because of the six incidents that happened prior to this. So, I guess when he got wind of that was when he decided to make his way out here.”

The afternoon’s chaos continued, when the suspect allegedly stuffed a woman into his car and took off. “Took her at knifepoint, put her in a vehicle,” said Knight.

Knight told KFOR that the suspect was later spotted by law enforcement in south OKC and led police on a chase down I-35. The suspect bailed out of his vehicle near mile marker 100 and ran off. He was tracked down in a field and taken into custody.

Car chase ends south of Goldsby, Oklahoma. Image KFOR.
Car chase ends south of Goldsby, Oklahoma. Image KFOR.

The woman was safely recovered. “She’s not injured and neither was the suspect,” said Knight. “The only person injured was the male at the original scene. He suffered a stab wound.”

Police confirmed to KFOR Monday night that the stabbing victim is in stable condition. Knight said the suspect is likely looking at charges for assault and battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.