OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some Oklahomans are flocking to the polls to vote early. State election leaders and lawmakers are assuring Oklahomans that our elections are some of the safest when it comes to election fraud.

“We have very good processes in place to make sure our elections are safe and secure,” said Paul Ziriax, Secretary of State Election Board.

Ziriax said the state has laws and policies I place to protect Oklahoma votes, including partnering with agencies to ensure cyber security, using voting machines that do not connect to the internet, and ensuring Voter ID’s are verified at every level.

Ziriax said there are enough volunteers to work elections. By law, there must be a bipartisanship.

“At least one of those individuals is a member of the Republican Party. At least one is a member of the Democratic Party,” said Ziriax.

“In Oklahoma we have very very little actual voter fraud,” said Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland.

Olsen authored voter fraud legislation that is now in effect. He said he has confidence in our election system.

“We feel like we’re one of the best state’s in the country, for election integrity,” said Olsen. “The actual cases of deliberate voter fraud are not very common in Oklahoma.”

“Some of our cases are people who are not trying  to do something wrong,” said the representative. “Some of it is just honest confusion.”

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However, if there is any evidence of voter law violations, the election board is required to hand the evidence over to the District Attorney to Investigate.

Ziriax said it is a criminal violation for anyone, other than voters and credentialed officials, to be within 50 feet of the ballot box.

“Someone that’s just hovering around, maybe trying to intimidate or trying to get in, that would be unlawful,” said Ziriax. “If anyone, you know, sees people that are that are hanging around and they’re concerned, what the first thing they should do is notify the precinct inspector.”

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