OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A multi-agency sweep made up of both Oklahoma and federal law enforcement resulted in hundreds of arrests over the past couple months. Authorities unveiled Friday what they dubbed operation triple beam.

“The whole point is trying to reduce violent crime and get dangerous offenders off the streets,” said Johnny Kuhlman with the US Marshals Service.

The operation went into effect in early July. Kuhlman said it’s led to the seizing of over 175 guns, 4 missing children recovered, and over 450 alleged criminals arrested.

Oklahoma and federal law enforcement. Image KFOR.
Oklahoma and federal law enforcement. Image KFOR.

“Several of these fugitives were arrested in surrounding states, including Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and we even had one arrested in Thailand,” Kuhlman said. “I’d also like to personally command all the law enforcement personnel who worked so extremely hard to make this operation success.”

Over 150 pounds of drugs were also recovered. Part of that was 50 pounds of fentanyl in one incident alone.

“The operation was a tremendous success,” said Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley.

“An operation of this scale does not happen without planning and preparation,” said U.S. Attorney Bob Troester.

Troester and Gourley both said the numbers are only scratching the surface of what they’re wanting to do for public safety in Oklahoma City and beyond.

“There is no doubt that this operation has made Oklahoma City and in Oklahoma central all of central Oklahoma a much safer place to be,” Troester said.

“We will hunt you down and find you and hold you accountable,” Gourley said.

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