TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – State Superintendent Ryan Walters is still sparring with Tulsa Public Schools over their accreditation status.

Reporter: Are you holding every other school district thats not performing accountable the same way you are holding TPS accountable?

Ryan Walters: Absolutely. We’re going to hold every district in the state accountable to perform for their kids. The reality is Tulsa is uniquely bad.

In a recent release, Superintendent Walters released a video, posted to SDE.ok.gov, that shows a timeline of negligence by Tulsa Public schools.

“Students continue to have poor achievement, financial mismanagement and a lack of specificity around academic programming,” said Walters in an earlier press conference.

A decision to downgrade the district could mean students are reassigned to the nearest accredited school, according to a 2020 state statute.

However, in a full statement, Tulsa Public School officials say the State Department of Education’s Accreditation process has had irregularities:

OSDE Accreditation Process Irregularities, according to Tulsa Public Schools

Some Tulsans said the constant jabs by Walters are nothing but unchecked power at the state level.

“He’s not offered any support. He’s in teardown. To do this at this time of year when our students are just going back to school is going to be a chaotic mess,” said one woman, attending a recent Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education meeting.

“[We need to] reign the state superintendent in. He’s in the wrong place, doing the wrong things,” said another.

To pull a school or district’s accreditation, the State Board of Education must first discuss it before the decision to a vote before the Board.

That meeting is currently scheduled to take place on August 24th at 9:30 a.m.