STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) — A standoff in Stillwater Wednesday afternoon ended after learning the home they surrounded had no one inside.

The suspect they were looking for has multiple warrants out for his arrest in Lincoln County.

Stillwater PD was told by Lincoln County that the suspect lived at Oak Ridge mobile homes in Stillwater, which is why they went and investigated, shutting down half the neighborhood for hours.

“Lots of people in full gear, and for the whole nine yards,” Evan Hughes, resident at Oak Ridge said. “They had the big old diesel truck out here and everything. That’s when I knew something was really going on.”

Stillwater standoff. Image KFOR.
Stillwater standoff. Image KFOR.

Neighbors at Oak Ridge were worried and confused after seeing a large police presence surrounding one home.

“So we go outside and sure enough, you know, streets are blocked off,” Sawyer Kliescn, resident at Oak Ridge said. “All the neighbors are rubbernecking, too, and we’re just trying to figure out what was going on.”

It turns out, Stillwater police were looking for a man with multiple felony warrants out of Lincoln County.

“The special operations teams been out here for several hours doing different methods,” Lt. TJ Low with the Stillwater Police Department said.

They tried calling the man out of his home, even getting family and his girlfriend to try and contact him, but no luck.

That is when the special operations team came in and administered tear gas through the windows of the home. After no movement for nearly two hours, they went inside.

The officers did go inside and they unfortunately did not locate anybody inside the trailer at this time,” Lt. Low said.

After not finding anyone inside the home, police cleared the scene and left.

The suspect, whose identity we do not know at this time, is still out there. Stillwater police say they will gather the information they have and start asking the public for help.