HENNESSEY, Okla. (KFOR) – A massive cleanup effort is underway in the town of Hennessey after a storm blew through Oklahoma on Sunday night. 

“It looks like a war zone. It does,” said Gene Bennett, who lives in the area. “I think everybody’s kind of in awe a little bit this morning.” 

The storm left behind debris, downed power poles and damaged homes and businesses. 

Hennessey Fire Chief, Brandon Scott, told KFOR at one point, about 90 percent of the town’s power was knocked out. 

“We had a lot of high winds last night. I was told estimates over 90 [mph] plus. Knocked a lot of power out,” said Scott. “We haven’t seen anything like that here in a while.” 

Gene Bennett and his wife watched the raging winds from their window. They witnessed possibly the worst of the destruction. 

“We heard glass breaking and something big crash,” said Bennett. 

They soon discovered a nearby church’s roof had blown on top of their next-door neighbor’s house. 

“The roof, including the steel beams that were holding it up, got lifted off of the building, flew through the air about a half block away, and landed on somebody’s house,” said Shane Bennett, the pastor of First Baptist Church. “Bricks flew in the process and the wind was ridiculous.”

Town leaders say they’ll need all hands on deck for the cleanup process. Scott said it will at least take a few days. 

“We’re going to have to work together and try to get it all figured out,” said Scott.