EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – It was a day of cleanup for many folks on the north side of the metro after a late summer storm on Sunday.

Crews from Edmond Electric were out in full force repairing some downed power lines near N.W. 150th and MacArthur.

Some residents say the power of Mother Nature felt more like May than August.

“I live in Oklahoma City so I don’t know how it was over here but some of our clients called and said that they had branches that fell,” said Rafael De Flore, who was cleaning up branches on Monday. 

Quite a mess was left behind in one neighborhood near Danforth and Bryant.

“The whole area was just completely under water – tree limbs floating down the street, trash cans floating down the street,” said Lauren Magby, who lives in the area. “It was just violent.”

Magby’s Edmond property still bears signs of damage after a Sunday night storm hit just as she was unwinding from a long day of work.

“All of a sudden, my whole upstairs – the windows, the ceiling, the floor, it was rattling like an earthquake,” she said. “I look out the window, no visibility. My bed frame is shaking as well.”

Magby said the wind was howling – and it felt similar to a tornado.

“I actually got a hold of Mike Morgan and he was like no, no, no, no tornado, don’t panic,” Magby said. “It was just strong winds. I guess you guys got hit with the brunt of it. So he was very reassuring.”

It was powerful enough for a little surprise spring cleaning in the summer.

“We just usually do mowing but not trees that fall,” said De Flore. 

“This in August? I never expected it,” Magby said. 

OG&E says Sunday night’s storms impacted 10,000 customers.

A little before noon, that number was down to 1,000.