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STROUD, Okla. (KFOR) – Avem Health Partners, Stroud’s hospital management company, donated a new vehicle to Stroud Fire Department to serve as the new command post for incident responses – which the department has been without since losing one in a wildfire in 2020.

“This command vehicle will aid the fire department in their dedication and hard work caring for the city’s protection and well-being,” said Bob Pearman, City Manager of Stroud. “We are grateful to collaborate with Avem Health Partners in this giving by equipping the vehicle with critical tools. We are appreciative of their continued support to our community and to our invaluable first responders.”

The fully-equipped Ford F-150, which is valued at approximately $35,000, includes long and short-range radios, light bars and sirens.

“The mobile command center comes at the perfect time, as we prepare to respond to wildfire season,” said Chris Wilson, Stroud Fire Department Fire Chief. “The command vehicle is just as critical as the fire truck. It helps us coordinate response at the scene, allowing for a faster flow of information. In the case of multi-location incidents, we can monitor and assist all areas. I want to thank Avem Health Partners for providing a new vehicle for our command post and the City of Stroud for the equipment. The generous donation will certainly save our department money for other resources and will help us to coordinate responses safely and efficiently. AVEM has helped us with other items in the past that have been a very critical part of our operation and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

The command vehicle, also known as the fire chief’s car or fly car, is driven by a senior officer and carries the required technology and equipment to aid command personnel during small and large-scale incidents.

“At AVEM, we care about the communities in which we serve and want to help protect those who selflessly protect us 24/7,” said Dale Alward, Avem Health Partners Chief Operations Officer. “The fire department is an essential service, especially during wildfire season. We appreciate their dedication and want to ensure they are well equipped to respond to the needs of our neighbors in the City of Stroud and surrounding communities.”