OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – New research suggests Oklahoma is one of the laziest states in the country.

A study by online fitness site TotalShape.com sought out to reveal the ‘laziest’ states in the nation.

Researchers analyzed a study form America’s Health Rankings to see which states had the highest percentage of adults who reported no physical activity or exercise other than their regular job in the past 30 days.

According to the study, Alabama topped the list with the highest percentage of inactive adults.

Oklahoma took the eighth spot with 28.3% of adults reporting no physical activity other than their regular job.

Organizers say 39% of those who were 65 or older reported being physically inactive, while 32.6% of 45 to 64-year-olds reported inactivity. Of those who were 18 to 44, 20.4% of participants said they didn’t exercise.

“While it can be understood that older generations across the US are more inactive from this data, it’s still interesting to see the marginal differences in some states compared to the national average. Additionally, this data shouldn’t serve as a condemnation, but more of an inspiration to add some kind of fitness routine into your lifestyle, whether it be the likes of cardio or strength training, there’s something for all generations. Even walking can be enough for older generations to keep a good level of fitness to prevent things like heart disease at an older age,” a spokesperson for TotalShape.com said.

The list is as follows:

  1. Alabama (31.5%)
  2. Mississippi (30.9%)
  3. Arkansas (30.6%)
  4. West Virginia (30.5%)
  5. Kentucky (30.5%)
  6. Louisiana (29.%)
  7. Tennessee (28.7%)
  8. Oklahoma (28.3%)
  9. Illinois (27.2%)
  10. Delaware (27.2%)