OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Sunbeam Family Services is looking to hire more early care and education teachers for the new school year.

According to Sunbeam, it is hiring childcare and early education professionals in a variety of positions.

Officials say a $4,000 incentive is being offered for certain positions like:

  • Family Educator – Home Visitation Services
  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Sunbeam says Assistant Teachers make $18 to $21 per hour and Lead Teachers make $21 to $23 per hour.

“Sunbeam continues to open new locations to provide high-quality early care and education services for babies and toddlers – and wrap around support for their families,” said Sunbeam CEO Sarah Rahhal. “When families can build a strong foundation for their children, we all have brighter futures. If you’re looking for a way to make a deep and personal impact in our community, you belong at Sunbeam.” 

According to the nonprofit, Sunbeam teachers experience a low staff-to-child ratio of 2:8, a welcoming and playful environment and no out-of-pockets costs for supplies. Teachers also get more than 100 hours of specialized professional development and have access to a team of experts who support families and can connect them resources.

“The heart of Sunbeam’s work is our people,” said Rahhal. “Beamers are supported to grow, be a part of the team and foster hope.  At Sunbeam, we celebrate diversity and are committed to an inclusive environment for all. “  

To learn more about Sunbeam careers, visit sunbeamfamilyservices.org.