OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Sunbeam Family Services is searching for early childhood teachers who want to help shape the minds of children.

“Sunbeam is looking to immediately hire teachers for our expanded services at Millwood Public Schools and other sites around Oklahoma City,” said Anthony Stafford, senior program director of Early Childhood Services at Sunbeam. “Our new Teacher Apprenticeship program gives individuals the opportunity to join the field of early childhood and develop the skills needed for a career in early childhood.” 

Sunbeam is offering a $2,000 sign-on incentive for new full-time early childhood education teachers. New teachers qualify for the incentive after 90-days of employment.

Teachers must have a CDA, Certificate of Mastery, associate or bachelor’s degree.

Lead teachers start at $20.20 an hour, assistant teachers start at $17 an hour, and apprentice teachers start at $15.39 an hour.

To learn more, visit SunbeamFamilyServices.org.