OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – According to a survey from Forbes Advisor, Oklahoma ranks #4 for the worst road rage among states.

The top five states in the U.S. with the worst road rage:

  1. Utah: Over half of those surveyed claimed they have received a rude or offensive gesture while driving, 73% said they’ve been tailgated and 27% know of someone injured due to road rage.
  2. Missouri: Drivers claim they are most likely to be cut off by another driver than any other state. Half of the respondents said they have been yelled or cursed at while driving.
  3. Colorado: Third most likely in the country to have another driver follow them and exit their vehicle to yell or fight them.
  4. Oklahoma: Third most likely in the nation to experience drivers speeding up to keep other drivers from switching lanes. Oklahomans are also likely to be tailgated (66%) or honked at (69%).
  5. New Mexico: 15% of drivers in New Mexico claim they have been followed by another driver who later exited their vehicle in an attempt to fight.
States with the most confrontational drivers. Image courtesy Forbes Advisor.

To see where other states rank, please visit the full report by the Forbes Advisor team.