OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) -We are learning new information about the suspect that caused mayhem during the MLK day parade in Oklahoma City. 

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, confirmed the driver, identified as Steven Nelson, died by suicide.

But not before, a high-speed chase prompted after the truck was reported stolen from a business near Springfield, Missouri.

“We believe the suspect was an employee and came back to the business as a disgruntled employee,” said Sheriff Brad Cole with Christian Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Cole told KFOR the driver, Steven Nelson, allegedly took a blue Ford F150 pickup from his job on January 15 in Nixa, Missouri. 

Two days later, on MLK day, an Oklahoma City police officer spotted the stolen truck.

“He ran the tag. The tag came back as a stolen vehicle. Notes on the call indicated that the person who stole it might actually be armed,” said Knight. 

Knight said the driver refused to pull over, which sparked the chase. Once Air One was in place, officers decided to stop the pursuit.

When they realized the suspect was heading directly toward the MLK parade, Knight stated police had no choice but to intervene.

Once the helicopter was there and could see the car, we terminated the ground pursuit because pursuits can be very dangerous.

“We cannot let a car running from the police or just speeding through intersections plow into a parade,” said Knight. 

The truck flipped multiple times, resulting from a police tactical maneuver. When officers approached the vehicle, they found him dead. 

Investigators believe he shot himself after the wreck.