OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – One of three people charged in a deadly New Years Day shooting appeared in court for his preliminary hearing and shooting survivors testified while the victim’s mother sat in the crowd listening.

Khalil Warren, 27, is accused of firing multiple shots twenty minutes after midnight on New Years Eve in the parking lot near Northwest 10th and Hudson in Oklahoma City.

Five people were shot. Daniel Howard Sr., a 22-year-old father and college football player, didn’t survive.

“I’m feeling hurt, but I’m blessed to have had my son for 22 years. I just want justice to happen for my son,” said Stephanie Howard, the victim’s mother.

Court documents show Howard’s group of friends got into a fight with Warren’s friends at the Sunset Patio Bar before security kicked them out.

They say the second suspect, J’Coal Glover, went to his car to retrieve something, then went back to Warren. Documents say Glover is also Warren’s own cousin. According to documents, Warren “fired multiple round at the victims, striking them.”

Monday, Glover testified he got a gun. Howard’s mother tells News 4 he pointed out Warren as the shooter.

“Daniel was talking to one of the two of the that got shot and they asked who had a fight with their friend. And the one went from the left side holding the gun to the right side and started shooting,” said Stephanie Howard. ”That’s premeditated because they had a choice to leave. They had a choice to get in their car and go home instead of hunting them down.”

In the documents, investigators said “Howard ran several feet and died a short distance away on a sidewalk next to the building.”

Police said airport records show Warren left the state hours after the homicide.

Monday, the judge heard from the other victims.

One was shot in the neck. He said the bullet went through his esophagus. He now has trouble talking.

Warren claims self defense.

Defense attorneys point out none of the victims could positively identify Warren as the suspect, they all heard a different amount of gunshots, and there were multiple guns at the scene, including by Howard.

Howard’s mother said her son was allowed to carry.

“I’m just praying for justice for everybody that’s involved in this, that they get what they deserve,” said Howard’s mother.

Following testimony, the judge decided there was enough evidence to send the case to trial.

Warren’s formal arraignment is set for May 26th.

The defendant’s attorney, Marco Palumbo, sent KFOR the following statement:

“The prosecution’s star witness Mr. Glover testified he went back to get his firearm because he was worried about his brother, Mountain Glover. He was then confronted by the alleged victim and a group of others. He further testified that he saw the alleged victim raise his shirt, showing a gun, and that he then reached for it to pull it out. The defendant’s cousin, Mr. Khalil Warren, who was behind him, then came to his defense by shooting him with a 9mm pistol in self defense.

The police found the 45 caliber pistol not far from the deceased body, more than likely belonging to him. There were a minimum of three firearms at the incident.

There were also 4 other people who were hit with stray bullets. Not one of them identified Mr. Warren as their shooter.

Many of the people hit were not standing in the area where Mr. Warren fired. There must have been an extra shooter at the scene firing at Mr. Warren’s direction but missed and hit others, some of which were off in a different direction. It’s a confusing case. What isn’t confusing is that Mr. Warren was in danger for his life and acted in self defense.”

Attorney Marco Palumbo