WYNNEWOOD, Okla. (KFOR) — The search for a suspect is over following a week-long manhunt through Garvin County. 25-year-old Kameron Jenkins’ body was found Tuesday morning near the original site of the shooting.

“The cadaver dogs got ahold of the scent and we located the suspect, deceased about 150 yards from from the original crime scene up underneath some briers. You couldn’t see it from the road,” said Sheriff Jim Mullett of Garvin County.

The shooting happened last Wednesday, October 4th, when Cleveland County deputy, Sean Steadman, started chasing Kameron Jenkins while working as part of the drug intervention task force in Garvin County.

A chase began after Jenkins wouldn’t pull over and shots rang between Jenkins and Steadman.

Jenkins ran away and the week-long search began, but no evidence was found.

“It got to a point where everything was running dry. Everything that we started looking into, all the tips, all the sightings—we vetted those. We looked into those and come to find they weren’t there. We never left the area,” said Mullett.

On Monday night, multiple agencies worked on another approach in the search for Jenkins.

“We were actually looking for some evidence, couldn’t find the guns. So we thought maybe we could go back and see find something that would lead us to him,” said Mullett.

That’s when police finally got answers and found Jenkins less than a quarter mile from the original site of the shooting.

His body was found by “Ace”, a highly trained rescue dog from the Oklahoma based “Ground Zero” team run by Barry and Becky Switzer.

Image of trained search dog
Ace is part of “Ground Zero” run by Barry and Becky Switzer.

“If it wasn’t for the dogs, we wouldn’t have found him. He was deceased, obviously had the gun in his hand,” said Mullett.

With the search now over, people who live in the area are able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I thought…now they finally found him. I can’t believe it’s just that close. And their command center was right there. At least he’s been found,” said Joanne, who works at Green’s Veterinary Clinic.

Sheriff Mullet says there are still a lot of questions to be solved and the case remains under investigation including learning more details about the woman who was in the car with Jenkins at the time of the shooting. The sheriff says she is currently not in jail.

The “Ground Zero” team said they want everyone to know that they were only a very small part of the more than 100 law enforcement personnel that spent more than a week out there searching every day. The team says command staff and personnel of the OHP deserve the credit.