OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man allegedly vandalized three buildings in Oklahoma City by busting out glass windows.

One of the businesses he hit happens to be a glass repair shop and it was caught on camera.  

The man started at Glass Guys Inc. He busted out windows with a shovel and then made his way down the street vandalizing two other buildings on North May Ave. 

“I couldn’t believe it… It’s horrible how people can do something like that,” said Arleen Herrmann, owner of Glass Guys Inc. 

Security cam footage captured Chaz Hampton busting out windows at a glass repair shop with a shovel, and then crossing the street throwing a garbage can at more windows. He broke them and then went inside. 

“He dragged that trashcan and just threw it to the window and then went inside the building and started breaking the glass from the inside,” said Herrmann.  

Those are just two buildings hit. Another down the road was hit as well. That’s when police arrived and found the suspect, Chaz Hampton, close to the scene.  

“So they were able to take him into custody very quickly,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, OKCPD.  

The police report revealed he also used bricks and rocks to vandalize. And there were no reports of anything stolen. 

“It’s unclear exactly what he was trying to do other than break the windows. But some of those windows were very expensive. They ran in the thousands of dollars,” said Knight.

“Oh, yeah. The next morning… It’s kind of convenient, you know, that they. They do. We have the glass on hand to do it, you know, But it’s still frustrating,” said Herrmann.  

Hampton was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for vandalism of property.