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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City police said a suspected arsonist is behind bars after allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at a home near Southeast 25th and High Tuesday night.

“Why would someone do that to me? You know, endangering somebody else.” asked the homeowner Rusel Hutchinson. “I got a lot to lose.”

OKC police said 39-year-old Dusty Nagel hurled the makeshift bombs, made out of mason jars, in Hutchinson’s car port Tuesday evening. The homeowner said his son, who is hearing impaired, sleeps in the room right next to where one of them sparked a small fire. His wife, who is bedridden and on oxygen, was also home.

“How would anybody else feel, you know? They’re threatening your family, well being and everything you worked for,” Hutchinson said.

Fortunately, the Hutchinsons’ neighbors across the street witnessed Nagel throwing the Molotov cocktails. Police said the neighbors ran over and stomped out the flames.

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Dusty Nagel

Burn marks still scar the family’s pavement.

“You see up on top where that indent is? It bounced back,” said Hutchinson while showing KFOR the damage left behind. “And the other one, right here. This is where that boy put it out right here. This much of it was burning.”

Police said Nagel was also watching. While investigating, police said they spotted a man matching the neighbors description standing at the corner of Southeast 22nd and Phillips, just a few yards away from the home.

“They went down there and engaged in conversation with him and ultimately placed him under arrest,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with OKCPD.

News 4 knocked on Nagel’s door, hoping to speak with family. Instead, our crews found what looked like another makeshift bomb a few inches away. The glass jar had a strip of cloth coming out of the lid and stuffed inside the jar, soaked in liquid that smelled like gasoline.

Oklahoma City police confirmed they found other Molotov cocktails inside Nagel’s home and shed.

“There were several more, four or five more,” said Knight. “He had already thrown two at a house, so no telling what he was going to throw them at next.”

Meanwhile, Hutchinson is racking his brain for answers but coming up short.

“I hope he gets better,” he said. “He’s got a mental problem or something like that. Something’s wrong with him,”

Police said they still do not have a motive for Nagel, but he was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on arson complaints.