OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A currently-suspended Oklahoma City lawyer was recently arrested for showing up to a Nichols Hills home and stripping down naked. 

According to a police report, David Bedford rang the doorbell of a NW Grand Blvd. home early in the morning Oct. 27.

The house’s home-health nurse told police she spotted Bedford “standing there completely naked,” so she slammed the door shut and called police. 

The nurse’s story was corroborated through the home’s security cameras.

The police report states, “Mr. Bedford is then seen walking up to the door of the residence fully clothed. Mr. Bedford removes his clothing, puts his hands up in the air and spins. Mr. Bedford then gets dressed, walks back to his car and drives forward to leave the driveway.”

When questioned by authorities, a copy of the report shows Bedford told police that he’s friends with a KFOR news anchor, who Bedford claimed asked him to go to the home to “test the security system.”

“Asked me to take my clothes off my clothes and strip around,” Bedford can be heard saying on a police officer’s body camera. “I was instructed to do that for security reasons.” 

Bedford also allegedly told police that request was communicated to him “through channels.” According to the police report, the officer asked Bedford if that was by phone or some sort of message that he could show police. However, the report says Bedford responded, “It was not, and for security reasons, could not tell [the officer] more.” 

However, the KFOR anchor he mentioned does not know Bedford, and certainly did not ask him to go to the Nichols Hills residence. 

Ultimately, Bedford was arrested for indecent exposure.

David Bedford. Courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center

According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network website, Bedford’s $5,000 bond has been paid. 

On Monday, the Oklahoma Bar Association confirmed that Bedford’s law license has been suspended since January 2022. It is not clear why.