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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are investigating after a southwest OKC 7-Eleven store clerk was killed during an attempted robbery on Thursday morning.

“When I woke up and saw the news this morning, I knew I wanted to come out and support our community,” said Cassie Kinet, who left flowers for victim.

A community showing support after an early morning tragedy.

“Investigators believe that this was a robbery of the store. that the suspect entered the store, robbed the store and then left,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police.

That’s when police say store clerk Laura Taylor went outside after the suspect left the store and was then shot in the parking lot.

“It’s unclear as to why she followed him out into the parking lot. However, it’s not unusual for a store clerk to do that. To see which direction a person is fleeing or what type of vehicle they’re getting into so they can get a better description,” Knight said.

This shooting comes less than a year after another 7-eleven overnight clerk was killed during a robbery.

Police later shot and killed the suspect in that case after he opened fire on officers at a home nearby.

The shooting at that 7-Eleven happening just two miles away from Thursday morning’s shooting.

Later in the day– people who live nearby were seen dropping off flowers, and praying for the victim’s family.

“Oh I was just overwhelmed. In this day and age, this society, you think going to work is a safe thing and you never know when things are going to happen.,” said Monica Pickens, who also left flowers for victims.

“Our prayers are with you. I hope they find whoever did this so you can have justice and I just hope and pray you find some peace in this time. We are praying with you,” Kinet said.

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