UNION CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – This Father’s Day, families across the country will come together to celebrate the dads in their lives.

However, not everyone will have the chance to come together in person.

Among the 1.2 million people in federal and state prison, 92% are fathers.

This year, many of the men who are incarcerated in Oklahoma will be able to virtually connect to those they love.

“I have tons of messages from my wife and my kids,” Robert Rivard said. “It almost brings me to tears. This tablet is a blessing.”

One year ago, Securus Technologies and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections began giving free digital tablets to 22,000 inmates.

“I can go to my cell and be able to talk to them, be able to hear them a lot better than out there,” said inmate Leo Day.

As the father of a toddler, he enjoys receiving video messages, and talking to his family.

“I’ll be able to talk to him and hear his little Munchkin voice,” Day said. “He’s just learning how to talk and all of that.”

Officials say that as beneficial as it is for the inmates, it impacts children even more.

“There is nothing better than the love a child has for their father,” Matthew Craig, ODOC Chief of Technical Services said. “Giving that access is huge for the children in the way they see life.”

One year after introducing the tablets, ODOC has seen improved morale and more motivated inmates.