OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Teacher pay raises get hung up over a funding dispute for a one-time stipend for support staff, while tax credits for private schools gets the green light in the House.

Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, said the House estimates that the teacher pay raise plan proposed by the Senate costs more than what is appropriated. On Tuesday, the House rejected the Senate’s amendments for HB2672 because of that reasoning.

A fiscal impact statement for the Senate’s amendment on HB2672 showed that the plan would cost $372 million for the teacher raise portion and $315 million for stipends.

The bill appropriates a total of $500 million.

“What this boils down to is making sure that every school receives the money to pay for those teacher pay raises,” said McCall.

The teacher pay raises range from $4,000 – $8,000.

Stipends for support staff would be $3,000.

McCall explained that districts would have to pay out of their own budget in order cover the costs not provided by the state.

But Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat did not agree with that assessment.

“That’s so laughable,” said Treat.

The Pro Tem clarified, the bill only covers the teacher pay raise portion because it’s a reoccurring expense for the state. Additional spending, as in the one-time stipend, would need more legislation. Treat said the Senate is committed to paying more for the stipends.

“They knew that. They’re not stupid on this. They’re quite intelligent people. They’re trying to confuse the situation because we have a better plan,” said the Pro Tem.

With less than a month before the end of session, the Legislature does not appear to be close to agreeing on a deal.