TECUMSEH, Okla. (KFOR) – The Tecumseh Police Department is offering active shooter training for schools, businesses, and churches.

The training has been around since 2000, but with the recent shootings in Texas and New York, Tecumseh police felt it was necessary to update the public about this opportunity.

ALICE is the name of the training program. It stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.

Kidney said the lessons provide organizational leaders more tools to help defend and protect themselves and the people underneath them.

“When we are doing the training, it’s for the teachers, it’s for the church staff, it’s for business staff. We’re not actually training the students,” said J.R. Kidney, Chief of Police for Tecumseh PD.

This is not a training that teaches armed individuals how to take down a possible shooter.

“Whether it’s barricading your door, going out the window, whatever you can do to not be a victim is what this is trying to help you do,” said Kidney.

Pastor Shawn Crawley of New Hope Baptist Church said he agrees with this level of awareness.

His church already has security guards and the leadership of his church stay in contact with one another.

“I like where we’re at. I think our folks that pay attention of this are vigilant. We have informed conversations on a pretty regular basis,” said Crawley.

New Hope has not scheduled any ALICE training classes, but Crawley did read the Facebook post.

He said because of the unpredictability of such incidents like active shooters, it’s vital for leaders in the community to know how to keep everyone around them safe.

“Does it make sense for people, whether it’s in the school system or the church or neighborhoods, or the Scouts or a ball team, or the YMCA or whatever, to have some information, some education? Absolutely,” said Crawley.