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Teen recovering from leukemia ‘walks’ across graduation stage using robot

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Putnam City West High School graduate says she’s lucky to have made it across the stage over the weekend.  

“Glory to God because he made a way for me to feel a part of the graduation even though I wasn’t able to be there,” said Jazmin Medina.  

Medina was diagnosed with leukemia in October of last year. Ever since, she’s been fighting for her life all while keeping up with her studies.  

“There were days I’d forget I even had cancer,” she said.  

Her mom, Amy, says a day never went by when she didn’t see Jazmin cracking open a book to study.

“I remember seeing her on her hospital bed doing her homework. On days that she wasn’t feeling good, she would still do her schoolwork, read her Bible. She seems stronger than me,” said Amy Medina.  

When the time came to plan for her graduation, her team of doctors at OU Children’s Hospital decided the crowds were just too dangerous for Medina.  

“At first, they said there wouldn’t be a way. I just wouldn’t be able to attend it,” said Medina.  

With a little brainstorming, the team came up with an idea to use a robot, completely controlled by Medina, from the safety of her own home.  

“I was there graduating. I was able to walk across, I was get a diploma and see everything that was going on,” said Medina.  

Medina says she is grateful to the team of doctors at OU Health and looks forward to planning her future and continuing her recovery.  

She graduated from Putnam City West High School.