OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A teenager who plead guilty to posing as a Corpus Christi Medical Center physician assistant in 2022 has now been arrested in Oklahoma for allegedly attempting to defraud a well-known metro dealership out of thousands of dollars.

News 4 first aired a story on now 19-year-old Zachry Bailey in July.

According to KRIS-6, Bailey managed to blend in with Corpus Christi Medical Center staff in his $41 pair of scrubs.

Bailey skated by the front desk at Corpus Christi Medical Center because there was supposedly no human resources representative present, just a now-former CCMC Volunteer Coordinator.

“They basically beat it into our heads that we needed to be all about customer service, so I was like, ‘Okay if you send me a picture, then I can get your badge started for you,’” said CCMC’s former volunteer coordinator. “I’ve known people that are very young. One, they just don’t age hardly at all and two, they are just really smart, so they can get through college faster, so I was trying to not hold that against him.”

Although the former CCMC Volunteer Coordinator claimed to have reservations about Bailey, she made the badge for him anyway.

With a badge in hand, Bailey was able to access emergency room areas, intensive care units, operating rooms, cath labs, and nursery units.

For nearly a month, Bailey worked at the Corpus Christi Medical Center, according to KRIS-6.

It wasn’t until hospital staff found him on social media that they realized Bailey wasn’t who he said he was. Bailey was then relieved of his duties and escorted off the property.

“I feel bad because I kinda fell for it. I was like, ‘Oh ya, because who does that? Who has the idea to go into the hospital and be like, I’m going to be a doctor today,’” said a CCMC ICU nurse.

“I knew that I was the person who issued the badge and what goes through my mind is ‘Were any patients harmed? How bad is it for the hospital?’” recalled the now-former CCMC Volunteer Coordinator.

According to District Court of Nueces County court documents, Bailey was indicted on a third degree felony of forgery and acting without a license.

Bailey was arrested in June 2022. After he was released on bond, he was arrested nearly a month later after having 192 GPS tracking system violations.

Fast forward to December, Bailey plead guilty to two third-degree felonies: physician assistant acting without a license and forgery.

Bailey was given deferred adjudication. His punishment is six years on probation, a $1,000 fine, $100 towards the victims of crime fund, attorneys fees, and court costs.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has confirmed with KFOR that Bailey’s probation has been transferred to Oklahoma.

Bailey has been in Oklahoma since at least March 2023, according to ODOC case notes.

The Oklahoma State Courts Network reveals Bailey has been in and out of Oklahoma court since before his probation was officially transferred.

Bailey has been involved in three criminal cases and one small claims so far this year.

The most recent case was filed at the end of July. Bailey faces two felony counts of Obtaining Property by Trick/Deception or False Representation/Pretense.

Court records allege Bailey stopped by the Cooper Auto Group on N. Kelley on April 19.

Bailey reportedly brought in a 2023 Acura MDX he was wishing to sell with a majority of it paid off.

“[Employees] were suspicious of the interaction due to Zachry’s young age,” court records reveal.

A probable cause affidavit shows Cooper Auto Group employees called and confirmed through the Toyota Finance Services the only outstanding amount owed on the Acura was $1,713.23.

The dealership and Bailey agreed on $48,000 for the Acura, according to the affidavit.

On April 19, a check was issued to Bailey for $46,272.97.

Bailey then returned to Cooper Auto Group on May 1 to sell a 2023 Toyota Tundra.

The dealership and Bailey struck up a deal once again. This time to sell the Tundra for $66,500, according to court records.

Cooper Auto Group employees contacted who the loan was through, First Help Financial and confirmed the payoff amount was $2,244. Bailey was then issued a check for $64,256 the same day, said the probable cause affidavit.

“Soon thereafter, it was found out Zachry had made fraudulent ACH transfers on the outstanding balance toward the Acura and Tundra loans the day before selling the vehicles,” court documents read.

When the Cooper Auto Group employees would call to verify the loan amounts it would show as almost paid off. One to two days post sell, the ACH transfer was reverted on the loan showing the full loan amount due stating “No Account Found” as the reasoning for return.

The loan holders would reportedly not release the titles for the cars as the loan payoff was still outstanding.

On May 3, Cooper Auto Group observed three ACH transfer attempts. One being to C3 Rentals for $23,500. Two other payments were for First Help Financial totaling $4,999.99 and $3,689.68.

All three transactions were stopped prior to payment completion, according to court records.

C3 Rental reportedly confirmed the ACH transfer was to pay off a Lease-to-Own contract under Bailey’s name for a 20-foot enclosed trailer.

An arrest warrant was issued on August 1 in this case.

Bailey was arrested and booked into the Caddo County Detention Center on Sunday at 3:53 a.m.

Zachry Bailey. Photo courtesy: Caddo County Sheriff’s Office.

As of Monday night, he appeared to still be in jail.

His bond is set at $200,000.

Meanwhile, Bailey was given another deferred sentence on July 28 in Tulsa County. He is mandated to pay nearly $4,300 back to Walmart for stolen jewelry.

He is expected to back in Oklahoma County court in a different case on August 21.