OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After refusing to interview in the past, 19-year-old Zachry Bailey called News 4 from the Oklahoma County Detention Center on Tuesday to share his side of the story and state his innocence.

Zachry Bailey. Photo courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center.

News 4 first shared a piece of Bailey’s story in July.

Bailey pleaded guilty in 2022 to acting as a Physician Assistant without a license in Corpus Christi. He was given a 6-year deferred adjudication.

Bailey’s probation was later transferred to Oklahoma where he has lived for the last several months.

In his time in Oklahoma, Bailey has made his way through the court system. He has cases in Oklahoma County, Tulsa County, and Comanche County.

His latest case is what landed him in the Oklahoma County Detention Center just over a week ago.

A warrant for his arrest was issued in Oklahoma County on August 1, but he wasn’t booked until August 13.

Bailey was arrested at his father’s home in Apache, then booked at the Caddo County Detention Center at 3:53 a.m.

Bailey is accused of trying to defraud Cooper Auto Group on N. Kelley out of $110,528.97.

Additionally, Apache Police Chief Brynn Barnett told KFOR on Monday Bailey will face more charges.

Bailey’s 16-year-old wife reached out to News 4 Tuesday morning about an in-person interview with Bailey. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma County Detention Center does not allow in-facility interviews with inmates. However, phone interviews are allowed.

“This is a call from and paid for by: Zachry Bailey, an inmate at Oklahoma County jail. This call is subject to recording and monitoring.”

Bailey started off the conversation with News 4 by saying he can’t directly comment on the specifics of his Corpus Christi case, but he can openly discuss his pending Oklahoma cases.

“It seems like now that I’m in jail everybody’s looking into it and everybody’s trying to basically get a grasp on everything that’s happening,” said Bailey. “The Apache Police Department, you know, they don’t get too much action if that makes sense. The most they probably get is a speeding ticket every now and then so this is probably something big to them and they’re trying to make their name big by doing what they’re doing.”

Chief Barnett said since they arrested Bailey, several potential victims have come forward. He recalls at least five or six calling the police department so far, including one from Ohio.

News 4 asked Bailey if there was anything he wanted to say to those alleged victims.

“At this time, I mean, do you know if there are any alleged victims or is that something that you heard or had people reached out to you?,” asked Bailey.

News 4 has previously spoken with a Texas man, Troy Lindberg who said Bailey conned him out of almost $30,000.

“What he did was a little unconventional. But with today’s technology, I’m not super tech savvy, but the young man pulled out his phone, asked if he could link his account to my bank which seemed more like a risk for him than it did to me. It didn’t set out a red flag as of yet,” explained Lindberg.

Lindberg said he sold Bailey an Audi A5 in July. The money for the car was transferred to Lindberg’s account and then directly to the loan provider, according to Lindberg.

A few days after the wire transfer, Lindberg said his loan provider sent him a letter saying he was still on the hook for the full loan payment as the money previously paid to them was returned.

“We have taken care of that situation,” said Bailey.

Lindberg, on the other hand, told KFOR on Tuesday that’s not fully true.

“If you mean the car was abandoned on an I-35 service road then yes. Though I was able to recover my car, there is still the use of bank fraud to obtain it. Don’t let him charm you. If the law wasn’t on his tail, I would have never seen my car again. If it wasn’t for my tenacity, the police would not have been at the house [to arrest him],” said Lindberg.

“The alleged victims, I mean, it’s something that, you know, is out there. I feel very sh***y about it. If that’s the way people are feeling about me, you know, the people that I’ve done business with and stuff like that… You always have light at the end of the tunnel somehow. I mean, no matter how long the tunnel is, I mean, there’s always going to be light,” stated Bailey.

When Lindberg previously talked with KFOR, he said he was left bewildered when Bailey allegedly showed him he had $2.4M in his account.

Lindberg said Bailey told him he had that much money because he was day trading as well as owning and operating rental properties.

News 4 asked Bailey how someone his age could get a hold of as many newer vehicles as he has.

“That’s technically all it was, was just my good credit score and good income. I mean, I can, you know, buy anything. I’m good on credit,” said Bailey.

He told KFOR up until a few days ago he was working as a Hilton Operations Manager and has been for the last eight months. He also said he owned rental properties. He additionally claimed he was living off of a trust fund once he turned 18.

According to the Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew, the United States Secret Service is now investigating Bailey for wire fraud.

“The Secret Service does not confirm the existence or absence of a potentially ongoing investigation,” said USS Office of Communication and Media Relations representative, Alexi Worley.

Bailey told KFOR no one from the USS has spoken with him, so he finds it hard to believe there is an ongoing investigation.

“I want to go home to be able to see everybody that I can. I mean, I’ve never been really in jail before. I’ve never been behind bars for, per se, you know, So I mean, this is definitely like a big eye opener,” said Bailey. “I definitely feel like this is a form of discipline. I definitely think that this is probably something I needed. That’s straight up honesty.”

Bailey said him being in jail has made him realize he needs to turn his life around.

However, he’s not the only person involved in these crimes, according to Chief Barnett.

Bailey’s dad, Phillip was arrested over the weekend on charges of harboring a fugitive. Bailey’s 16-year-old wife is also being investigated by the Apache Police.

Bailey said neither one is involved in his alleged crimes though.

“It tears me down everyday to know that everybody else is looking to them whenever. I mean, if all the allegations are true and everything like that then why aren’t you looking more into me rather than them?,” added Bailey. “My wife has done nothing wrong. She’s never really even been in the know about of, you know, everything that’s really going on.”

However, Lindberg sent screenshots of text messages to News 4 showing Bailey’s wife knew who had his vehicle and where it was.

Bailey’s life has been often tied to the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ Bailey said he’d never seen the movie until two nights ago while in jail.

He said the Oklahoma County Detention Center provides iPads to inmates in which he can rent movies from.

News 4 asked if the comparison between his life and the movie is an accurate representation.

“Yes, I think it’s comparable. “Really the only thing different is I haven’t gotten a job offer working for the government yet. And in essence, it’s literally the only thing we need to complete the movie,” stated Bailey. “I think that it’s kind of hilarious. I’m not saying that the situation is funny, you know, because it’s very serious, but I do think this is basically, you know, a knockoff version of a movie. It’s almost mind blowing.”

Bailey asked KFOR to continue digging into his story because there’s proof behind his claims. He said he shadowed at a Missouri hospital, a Missouri Sheriff’s Office, and a law firm.

Bailey also added there is documentation proving he did not pose as a Physician Assistant in Corpus Christi. He said he would email the evidence if his attorney allowed him to do so.

“Once everything is confirmed, I’d definitely think you’d have a new story out,” said Bailey.

Bailey then asked when his interview would air on Tuesday.

“6 o’clock or 10 o’clock?,” asked Bailey. “I look forward to it.”

Bailey’s next court appearance is scheduled for September 7 at 9 a.m.

Bailey is still in the Oklahoma County jail on a $200,000 bond.