NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A 19-year-old mother now sits behind bars in Cleveland County for child neglect.

Victoria Bolton. Photo courtesy: Cleveland County Detention Center.

According to court records, Victoria Bolton admitted her 2-month-old son into Norman Regional Healthplex Tuesday night.

“My heart dropped. I didn’t know what to think. Anger, sad. I got up there and I lost it,” said Bolton’s dad, Timothy Searl.

Searl and his wife, Rhetta showed up to the hospital to find their grandson in the ICU hooked up to IV fluids and “all sorts of tubes.”

Searl said the baby was on life support, weighing at seven pounds and two ounces.

Bolton’s baby was being treated for dehydration and low body mass when medical staff called the situation in to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

As Searl and his wife took off to retrieve clothes for Bolton, she was being questioned by investigators about the child’s health.

Bolton told investigators her son became sick on Sunday.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) conducted a welfare check on Bolton and her baby that day, according to an affidavit.

Court records show DHS told Bolton the child needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.

“[Bolton] stated she noticed the child was vomiting and would not keep his food down when she fed him a full bottle,” the affidavit read. “She stated she did not see anything medically wrong with the juvenile and that is why she did not seek medical attention for the juvenile.”

Bolton also admitted to investigators she had smoked methamphetamine when she was five months pregnant with her son.

Bolton said her roommates would also smoke methamphetamine around her child and believes one of them slipped drugs into his bottle.

Despite those claims, records show Bolton still allowed her roommates to care for the child.

Court records also detail Bolton’s son was taken to the hospital Jan. 27 and was diagnosed with failure to thrive.

“It is painful to hear that. It’s kind of hard to put into words on it on that one,” said Searl. “[Bolton] does have a big heart. She’s always trying to help everybody. She tried to look out for everybody.”

Searl and his wife told KFOR they’re not vouching for their daughter’s innocence, but rather that her three roommates also be held accountable.

“There’s more aspects to the case than what they’re even trying to talk about. There’s a bigger picture of everything that was going on at that house. I just want to know what all was really going on. And if [Bolton’s roommates] weren’t, if they weren’t actually involved in it, then there’s no way with that many people that was living in the house, someone can’t say that they didn’t at least know about it,” said Searl.

Rhetta said Bolton lived with two men and one woman who used to be a family friend.

Rhetta told KFOR the female roommate cut ties with her and also made Bolton cut ties with her family, which led to zero communication between them and Bolton for the last month.

Rhetta also claimed the female roommate was very controlling over Bolton and “wasn’t allowing her to be a mother.”

Searl and Rhetta and now wondering why that roommate along with the other two haven’t been arrested yet.

CCSO said they’re continuing to look at every aspect of the case, but didn’t have new details to provide as of Friday morning.

Bolton’s parents are also questioning the DHS worker who conducted a welfare check on their daughter and grandson.

Bolton is being held at the Cleveland County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.

Searl said the child is still in the hospital, but is slowly gaining weight and his health is improving.

He and Rhetta are hoping to keep the child in their family.

“We’re not going to just drop [Bolton] off the face of the Earth, but our main concern is our grandson,” explained Searl.

Rhetta is also asking those who hear Bolton’s story to not ‘villianize’ her.

“Don’t pass judgment on her just because of the case, because y’all don’t know all the aspects of the case. Keep my grandson in your prayers. She’s not the only one that’s at fault here. She has to pay for her part in this too. I’m not saying she doesn’t, but she’s not the only one responsible. And she’s not a villain. She’s a first time mother who’s a young mother. She doesn’t know how to be a mom yet,” stated Rhetta.

The family is now waiting to hear back from Norman Regional on whether or not they can have a supervised visit with their grandson.