OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A young Oklahoma City woman is feeling shaken, disturbed, and outraged after she said a “creepy” maintenance man entered her apartment and took pictures of her private, personal photos on his cell phone.

23-year-old Rachael Conlan counts herself fortunate that she actually caught this on video. She had just gotten a Ring video doorbell for Christmas, set it up, and placed it on top of her kitchen fridge, for now, until she got a mount for it.

While out running errands about noon on Tuesday, the doorbell alerted her of someone near it.

“So, I left my house to go run some errands and ‘ding dong, someone’s at your front door.’ Meaning someone’s in my kitchen,” she explained to KFOR. “He came in and that was the first thing that he wanted to do was invade my privacy.”

The maintenance man for Bennett Ridge Apartments at 8201 N Rockwell Ave. was there to fix Conlan’s bathtub, but one can see from the surveillance footage in her kitchen that he stops at her refrigerator first. Conlan said she has private, personal photos of herself on the front of the fridge

“He pulls out his phone and one, two, three, exactly where my pictures are he starts taking pictures,” she said while making camera motions with her hands.

While watching the surveillance video, one can seemingly hear his phone snapping three pictures.

Conlan told KFOR she was in tears as she watched the footage.

“So, I was kind of terrified, almost like what is he going to do with them? Why does he have them? Did he know that I just left my apartment? Is that why he came in there? A million thoughts are going through my head,” she shared.

She wanted him fired.

“He shouldn’t be able to work in apartment maintenance if he’s going to be creepy like that,” she expressed.

She said Wednesday afternoon a representative with Bennett Ridge called her to tell her the maintenance man has been fired and is no longer allowed at the complex.

“I’m a young female, you know what I’m saying. So, that really makes me feel insecure,” she said. “That’s a huge invasion of privacy. I don’t want to live there anymore. I feel super unsafe.”

Bennett Ridge would not provide KFOR with any comment on the situation Wednesday. In the meantime, Conlan has filed a report with the Oklahoma City Police Department.