OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tenants at an Oklahoma City metro apartment complex are said they’ve been without air conditioning for a month, even in the life-threatening triple-digit heat wave.

“You see, I’m pouring down sweat. It’s hot,” said Jessica Hoover, who lives at the complex. “There’s been no A/C. The main chiller went out July 3rd.”

“It makes me feel sick,” said Tifhani Cody, another resident.

Cody and Hoover are hot, sweaty and fed up after living in their hot apartments at Manchester on May. Hoover said she had to call 911 for her sister two doors down.

“She had a minor heat stroke and she’s been in the hospital since Thursday of last week,” said Hoover.

The women say apartment management gave each apartment one window unit. They said they stay where it’s cool.

“We’re camping out in our living room. We’ve been camping out, I’m going to say a month and a half now,” said Cody. “We actually had to get our own portable A/C unit. We spent over $400.”

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The Manchester on May, image KFOR

Hoover said she was told the complex was waiting on OG&E, so she called to check.

“They said that they have no record of anything,” said Hoover.

KFOR went to the leasing office. We asked if there was someone we could call. We were told to leave and that corporate would call. We didn’t get a call. We called the corporate number given to us twice, but we got the answering machine.

As our crews were leaving the apartment complex, an OG&E car and an electrician drove up. News 4 then received a video from Hoover.

“It’s a shock that the property manager is on sight after she run the news crew off. They’re there to fix that,” Hoover said, focusing the camera on the southside chiller. “It’s been out for a whole month.”

We asked OG&E what was happening. We were told, “We can confirm that OG&E is meeting with the complex today and we are looking into the matter.”

News 4 asked OG&E when the call came in, but were told they “cannot provide any information regarding a specific customer’s account, including correspondence records.”

The property manager later called News 4 back. She explained the fix isn’t so simple. She said the complex will need to re-run the lines to fix the southside chiller. In order to do that, they may have to redesign the entire complex. Now they are trying to figure out how much that will cost and how long it will take.

OG&E later provided us this full statement:

“Electrical service is on at the Manchester at May Apartments. It is our understanding that all apartments have light, but a portion of the complex is without heat and air conditioning. The complex owners are aware of the issue and will need to determine the best way to move forward to restore heat and air to the portion of the complex without it. OG&E will continue to work with the apartment complex management and their electrician on any ways we may be of service in this situation. This complex is all bills paid, so the OG&E customer is the apartment complex, not individual tenants.”

OG&E Spokesperson

Hoover told News 4 she is not hopeful things will be fixed.