OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Three weeks ago, News 4 told you about multiple tenants having issues with management at Greystone Apartments.

Since then, nothing has changed—except that two of the tenants are now being evicted.

It’s been months and still nothing has been fixed in their apartments. Now they are being evicted and they don’t have the money to move.

“I spoke with the attorney and they said by law, hold the rent until they come and fix the issues,” Brandon Wilson, tenant, said. “I’ve called them numerous times, I left messages, I’ve even went in the office and talked to the lady and they were hateful.”

The tenants have numerous questions but still no answers explaining why months have gone by and yet nothing in their apartments has been fixed. Wilson isn’t the only one.

“My stove is still messed up,” Marcellus Davis, tenant, said. “Now they are trying to make me pay $150 for the stove.”

“Nothing has changed, my ceiling in the bedroom is still not fixed,” Donald Winter, tenant, said.

Multiple tenants who spoke with News 4 weeks ago are still facing the same issues, but now Wilson and Winter are being evicted for not paying rent since management hasn’t fixed anything.

“I mean, it’s money I got to come up with, and then I’ll go find a place to rent to me,” Winter said.

“Now me and my fiancée and my two little girls, my five and six year old is about to be on the street, because we don’t have the money to go and rent another place,” Wilson said.

News 4 went to the management office, but they declined to comment on the situation.

Wilson and Winter are set to appear in court on Tuesday with hopes of a positive outcome after months of neglect and disappointments.

“It’s putting us in a bind because I don’t know whether we’re going to end up sleeping in our car, or splitting up our family,” Wilson said. “That’s one thing I don’t want to do is split up our family, you know what I mean? And and it’s like, this guy don’t care.”

Both Wilson and Winter say they would not have any issues paying rent if their repairs were being made. Instead, they will be in a court battle, hoping for the best.