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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – After three days of both elevators in the Tiffany Retro Apartments being broken, its tenants say they’re frustrated. 

“This is pathetic that it happened,” said Steven Slomkowski, a tenant. “They shouldn’t be in this situation.” 

The broken elevators have left taking the stairs as the only option for tenants who live in the 12-story building to get to and from their apartment. The building is located near Northwest Expressway and May Ave. 

“There’s a lot of people in the building that can’t navigate those stairs… They’re in wheelchairs or they’re too heavy to go up and down the stairs,” said Slomkowski. “That’s a real problem. So, people are feeling the pain of this and there is no known end for it in sight.”

He showed KFOR a message sent to all Tiffany residents suggesting those unable to use the stairs look into “an alternative place to stay temporarily.” 

The message also explained that the building’s vendor needed to order a certain part to make the repairs. 

“It looks like it could take multiple days before we are able to get the part in,” the message added. 

The issue was also brought to Oklahoma City’s Development Service’s Department. Its Inspection Services Superintendent says they sent someone to check out the elevators Tuesday morning. 

“They had had some kind of power surge or something during the New Year’s Day, and because of the holiday, they were delayed on getting the necessary parts they needed,” said Mike Miller. 

Miller explained that buildings four stories high and above are required to have working elevators, so the city issued a Notice of Violation to the apartment building.  

“It is a building code requirement when you have a multi-story building,” said Miller. “We could issue a fine immediately, but we try to work with everyone. It’s better to get compliance or cooperation any time we can. In this case here, the owners were very willing and able and trying to make these corrections.” 

A building manager did not want to talk to KFOR on camera, but said they are deeply sorry for all of the trouble the broken elevators have caused. She added that they’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.