OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – When it comes to testing at current grade level, statewide testing shows students in cities like Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Norman are struggling.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education states on its website that “Below basic” means students are not learning at their proper grade level and “are not on track for college and career success.”

In math, 69 percent of Oklahoma City students from 3rd to 8th grade are testing “below basic.”

Particularly troubling for OKCPS, 84 percent of 8th graders are “below basic.”

Crystal Raymond, spokesperson for OKCPS, said that the district is addressing the issue.

“It’s no secret that the last few years have been challenging for everyone, especially our young learners,” said Raymond, in part of a statement.

Around two-thirds of students from 3rd to 8th grade are testing “below basic” in English.

Raymond named “Raising a Reader” as a program implemented to help kids improve on their English and reading. The program gives elementary students the chance to take home books to read with their families.

Oklahoma City Public Schools are not alone.

Norman Public Schools has around one-third of their students testing “below basic” for English and Math.

KFOR reached out to the school district for a comment but did not hear back.

Edmond Public Schools is in a similar boat. About 25 percent of their students are underperforming.

The district said there will be a full report, which digs into the data, presented to the board in November.

“Edmond will use these test results as a baseline for future growth in student learning. Our goal is to focus on each individual student’s growth, define learning gaps and strengths, and fill in gaps that may exist. We will continue to teach with high expectations, challenging students to achieve at optimal levels.”

Susan Park-Schlepp, Director of Communications for Edmond Public Schools