OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Texas tourist in town for the NCAA Women’s College World Series is going home with some bad memories, thanks to a thief.

I look forward to coming here year after year,” said Vince Goodwin, who was visiting the area with his daughter. “We came [to the downtown Sheraton] to meet with some of the players and family and have dinner and had a wonderful evening.”

Goodwine says he set his bag down for just a moment while sightseeing with daughter in downtown OKC Thursday; when he went to pick it back up, it was gone.

“And as we were leaving from the Sheraton, my daughter had never [been] on a motorized scooter. I took off my bag and rested it on the ground as I was showing her how to ride it,” he added.

Morgan Goodwine (l) posing with her dad Vince Goodwine (r)

“Then it was time to go, and I looked down, and my bag was gone just that fast,” he said, lamenting.

In the interview with KFOR Friday, he says the split-second decision now has him wringing his hands, as the bag contained important items, including a laptop, receipts and his passport.

“I immediately started running to find, hopefully whoever took the bag,” he continued, saying he and his daughter canvassed all over the area – searching trashcans, a couple of garages, and a nearby park.

Investigators on the case for Oklahoma City Police Department said quick theft crimes of that nature may be rare in that part of the city, but the incident also highlights an important point: Don’t leave items unattended, even for a few seconds.

“There’s a million ways we solve these types of cases but there are no guarantees with any of them,” said OKCPD MSgt. Gary Knight. “It’s just a reminder that anything of value to you will be of value to a thief. Always be aware of your surroundings.”

Vince said the theft reminded of an important lesson, but he is also staying positive.

The best-case scenario [would be] to get all my personal belongings back,” he said with a chuckle. “[But] I refuse to let these criminals steal our joy.”

The Houston man says the trip wasn’t a total loss; he and his daughter were still able to cheer on their favorite teams at last night’s games.