OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The investigation into the four execution-style murders at a marijuana farm is growing in a game of connect-the-dots.

Now, officials say there’s been another arrest of the alleged “go-to man” for the grow.

“That license was obtained for that farm through fraud,” said Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Just two days after the quadruple murder at a marijuana farm in Lacey, the office of Kevin Pham was raided by state drug agents.

Kevin Pham. Courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center

According to documents from the OBN, investigators linked the 10-acre farm to the business “Lui & Chen Inc.”

News 4 has been unable to confirm if “Chen” refers to Wu Chen, who was the alleged gunman in the homicides.

Pham, 46, is registered as Lui & Chen Inc.’s representative.

In a search warrant, drug agents said “Pham seems to be the central point of contact for the growers regardless of the situation.”

“He is tied to at least 63 other farms in Oklahoma where he has essentially created this fraudulent structure,” said Woodward.

The structure is known as a “straw” or “ghost ownership”.

In Oklahoma, 75% of a grow must belong to an Oklahoma resident. The other 25% can be an out-of-state owner. Drug agents say that’s where criminal organizations come in and mask the true ownership, which can be a challenge to prove.

“We can’t say for sure that we can trace criminal activity on the black market or money laundering. That is still part of an ongoing investigation,” said Woodward in regards to the Kingfisher County grow.

Meanwhile, drug agents say the ghost owner of this operation was paid $2,000 a month for each license, with no work involved. Agents said he has several.

Pham was paid $500 – $2,500 for each grow he’s helped.

Drug agents said on Nov. 21, “PHAM was contacted by individuals of a marijuana grow in Hennessey after a quadruple homicide had occurred,” and that “PHAM then contacted the 75% straw owner of the marijuana grow via the ‘Signal App’ which is an app that deletes messages over time.”

As drug agents raided Pham’s office, they found 300 packages of edibles ready to sale and more than 10 pounds of processed marijuana. Agents said Pham did not have licenses for those products. Agents also said they found four weapons, Adderall, and Hydrocodone.

News 4 tried to reach Pham at his office, however agents in the documents said “according to Pham’s employees, no one is allowed in Pham’s office.”

When KFOR visited, there were curtains covering the doors and windows.

News 4 also tried to reach Pham at his home, but no one answered the door.

As for the ghost owner, he has surrendered all his licenses to the OBN.

“Those licenses are no longer active. And so immediately, anything that’s taking place at those farms must cease and desist,” said Woodward.

OBN Agents are now going through all the grows under the ghost owner’s name to ensure they’re legitimate.

Pham was arrested on fraud and drug charges. He has since bonded out.

According to online court records, Pham has pleaded guilty to several second-degree burglary and concealing stolen property charges.

The OSBI said there’s nothing new to report on the homicide.