OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma City Police said there were working metal detectors and an increase of security on Saturday when the shooting took place.

How the weapon got inside the gates is a big question fair staff and fairgoers are trying to figure out.

“It’s scary, [to] have a child, and people running and screaming,” said fairgoer Destiny Jones.

She said she and her brother went to the fair on Friday.

“He had steel toe boots on and he had some metal items in his pocket, a cigarette case,” said Jones. “We went through the metal detectors, and it went off.”

Jones explained her brother was pulled to the side and checked by officers, but when they went back Saturday night, the same day as the shooting, things were different.

“He had the same boots on, same stuff in his pockets, and it did not go off,” she said. “Nothing got checked. We walked through the metal detectors and they just kind of brushed us on through.”

Law enforcement and fair staff are now facing questions about how a gun got inside the gates in the first place.

“We’ll check cameras, we’ll talk to witnesses, and try to determine how that firearm did get into the fair,” said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Valerie Littlejohn.

“You’d be surprised people seem to think, ‘I can walk through a scanner with a weapon,’ and they can’t,” said Scott Munz, spokesman for the fair.

But this time they did – and one person ended up shot in the chest after a fight led to gunfire.

The metal detectors and added security were still not failproof, leaving Jones uneasy.

“Somebody needs to be responsible for what happened,” said Jones.

The fair issued a curfew for Sunday, the final day of the fair, as a result of the shooting.

“I came back today because they said it would be safer,” said fairgoer, Eduardo Fraie.