GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – Several Logan County residents say they’re fed up with the roads in their community, but the District 1 Commissioner allegedly told them there are other roads to tend to before theirs – and it seems the road to his home happened to be on that list.

Over the last three weeks, KFOR has driven through several southern Logan County roads, including Seward and Charter Oak roads.

On Monday morning, News 4 drove up and down Davis and Glenn roads.

“You cannot go over 25 miles an hour unless you want your car completely torn up. And one of the ways out, if you go more than ten miles an hour, it’ll bounce you off the ceiling,” said Andy Blalock.

Blalock said he has lived on Glenn Road for 30 years.

In those three decades, he said the roads haven’t changed one bit.

“Occasionally, then a grader would come through and grade the dirt roads. They would come about once a year and fill in the 4,200 potholes that we have on the one blacktop road. We hadn’t seen them in about two years now,” added Blalock.

Blalock claims he pays roughly $1,000 each year in taxes, so he doesn’t understand where his taxpayer dollars are going if not to his roads.

“We do deserve a decent road, and that’s all we’re asking for is at least a good way for emergency vehicles to get in and out. That’s the really big point I want to drive home is it’s a safety issue. It’s not just cause it’s tearing up our cars every day, coming in and out or any other service vehicle that comes in and out of here, it’s tearing their vehicles up as well. So yeah, you know, I’d just would like to see at least one good road, if not more than that,” stated Blalock.

He’s especially concerned for his elderly neighbors who have to go back and forth over the roads to get to doctor appointments.

News 4 spoke with a neighbor of Blalock’s who declined to go on camera, but said she’s frustrated with the roads as well.

She told KFOR then-Grade Operator and now-Logan County District 2 Commissioner, Kody Ellis surveyed Davis and Glenn a few years ago and told her the county was applying for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds to specifically repair roads, including hers.

He came and left, but she said her area never saw a cent of this supposed FEMA funding.

She emailed Commissioner Goodman in May about the roads, in which he told her, “We will be back to do a more permanent fix as we finish with those other emergency repairs.”

She emailed again in mid-July about the alleged FEMA funds and when that “more permanent fix” would be headed their way.

She said she has yet to receive a response.

“I didn’t even know any about any funding, any FEMA funding to begin with. But no, they haven’t done anything to any of our roads in over a year. So whatever funding they’ve been getting, it’s been going in somebody’s pocket or their road,” stated Blalock.

KFOR reached out to Goodman several times via text message and email about an interview request, but didn’t receive a response.

It wasn’t until News 4 called from a 405 area code phone number that Commissioner Goodman answered.

Once he was aware of who was on the phone, he asked if he could talk about what was mentioned in an earlier email at a later time.

Commissioner Goodman was made aware of News 4’s strict deadline and that a statement would not be included if he was unable to provide one before the deadline. He said, “Okay.”

He said he was unavailable to talk because of personal reasons.

The questions KFOR attempted to get answers to were in regard to FEMA funding and a rural road residents say Commissioner Goodman lives on that is now paved.

News 4 drove down that road and it looks to be recently paved, but less than a mile past where his home is said to be, the road goes back to dirt and ruts.

KFOR asked Commissioner Goodman about this specific road, but he hasn’t answered.

As for FEMA funding, Logan County didn’t receive a grant specifically for road repair.

However, the county did receive $4,837.06 in FEMA grant funding listed for roads and bridges in 2020.

News 4 reached out to Ellis about FEMA funding during his time as a Grade Operator as well, but have not heard back.