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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are investigating after a shooting unfolded in a busy area of Bricktown early Sunday morning.

“That’s terrifying, absolutely terrifying,” a tourist visiting Bricktown for the 4th of July weekend told KFOR.

She’s talking about a shooting that unfolded early Sunday morning on a crowded Bricktown street near the intersection of Mickey Mantel and Sheridan.

“These large cities, especially a touristy place like this, it’s pretty shocking,” another tourist said.

“It was like pow, pow, pow, pow,” Philly Rone said.

Rone was in town from Philadelphia when he said he heard the gunshots.   

“The shots rang down the street, that’s when you heard like four shots and they just kept on going. It was crazy,” he said.

Police on the scene told KFOR they haven’t identified a suspect just yet, but they did find a gun at the scene that they believe is related to the shooting and a truck with a shattered window.

This comes just two weeks after another shooting in Bricktown left one person injured.

A month before that, police were called to a deadly shooting at the same intersection as the shooting this weekend.

“We do know there was a fight, but exactly why the group of men were fighting, we don’t know,” Detective Travis Vernier, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said back on May 24.

The details surrounding what happened this weekend are still unclear, but it was unnerving for everyone trying to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

“It’s crazy. I just can’t believe it. It shouldn’t be happening here,” Joselene Flores said.

Police say no one got hit by the bullets.

If you have information that could help lead to an arrest, call the OCPD Crime Stoppers line at (405) 235-7300.