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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – The search for an Idaho man’s missing pet raccoon in Norman is on day 12 as of Wednesday and they haven’t found her yet.

George Simmons is an arborist from Idaho and owner of Coons the raccoon, also known as Coonsie. He works on trees around power lines and came down to help with the damage from Oklahoma’s recent ice storm. He brought his pet with him, but she got out.

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George Simmons and Coonsie the raccoon. Photo provided by Simmons.

“She’s like my child,” he said. “She goes everywhere with me, she eats with me, she sleeps with me.”

Simmons said he won’t go home until he finds her.

“She’s got to be still here; there’s nowhere else for her to go,” he said.

According to Simmons, he found her in a home that was being built as the builders tried to get them out. After several years with George, she now weighs over 50 pounds.

“Everybody that knows her calls her ‘little bear cub,’” he said. “That’s what she looks like is a little bear cub – she’s huge.”

KFOR was there Tuesday night when about 20 people came to help find that “little bear cub.” They have been searching in a Norman neighborhood, the last place George said he saw her. The whole thing was organized by a stranger he’d met on the road.

“He walked up at like 11 o’clock at night and told me he lost her,” said Kristina Speaks, an organizer of the searches. “’Did you find the raccoon?’ I asked him if I could do a Facebook post and it just blew up.”

By Wednesday night, the Norman Fire Department joined in, lending a high-tech boost with thermal imaging. His other pet raccoon “Lucy Lou” also joined in Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Coonsie and Lucy Lou. Photo provided by George Simmons.

“Oh man, I’m overwhelmed,” Simmons said. “I don’t know what to say. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.”

Simmons said there are some things that set his raccoons apart from those native to Oklahoma. That being that her tail isn’t fluffy right now, she has spotted white feet and light gray fur. Now, Simmons is spending sleepless nights looking for what he says is part of his family.

“You’re not leaving until you get her, right?” we asked.

“Yup,” Simmons said.

“No matter how long it takes?” we asked.

“Nope, I might as well buy a house down here,” Simmons said.

Simmons said he is planning to move down here, not just to find her, but because he likes it here. Simmons also said she is too big to pick up and it hurts her, although she is friendly.

You can reach out to the numbers listed on the flyer below with any information or help you want to provide.

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A flyer on how community members can help find Coonsie the raccoon.