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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman, who is unable to swim, is searching for the man who pulled her out of a deep metro creek after a car crash. She calls him her guardian angel.

“That’s why I’m here telling you this story, because it ain’t about me. It’s about my angel,” said Nichole McCoy. “The devil had a plot, but God had the master plan.”

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Lashone Carter and Nichole McCoy, Image KFOR

McCoy and her sister, Lashone Carter, are searching for a mysterious hero who saved McCoy from drowning in a creek near Northwest 10th and Villa Monday afternoon. The sisters were out for a drive to get McCoy out of the house after surgery on her hand. However, while Carter was driving along Northwest 10th and Villa, she swerved to avoid a bus. The car hit a curb and sent their vehicle flying, before crashing into the 30-foot deep waters.

“And the car began to sink and sink more. I can’t swim. I saw my life flash, and I can’t swim none. And I really couldn’t swim with this cast on,” said McCoy. “When I saw the bubbles the third time and I made eye contact with my sister, in my mind I thought it was over.”

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The vehicle after the crash. Image from Nichole McCoy

While struggling to stay afloat, the sisters said a man in the mechanic suit, with the name tag “Matt”, jumped to their rescue.

“I was like, ‘Don’t worry about me. Go get my sister. She can’t swim. Just go help her.’ And when we made eye contact, I could see the fear in her face, and I could see where she was getting ready to give up. I couldn’t let that happen.”

“He didn’t know nothing about me. He jumped in that water and did what he had to do,” said McCoy.

After a few more seconds of struggling, “Matt” swam McCoy to the banks. She was safe.

“He just gave me a big hug and I gave him a big hug. And he started crying and I started crying. I was telling him ‘Thank you,’” said McCoy.

Then, they said Matt vanished.

“I’m like, ‘Where did this guy go? Where did this guy go?’ That was my angel. God, sent my angel at the right time,” said McCoy.

Now the sisters and their families say they must find their hero.

“He let me see that I could’ve died. I could have been gone,” said McCoy. “Everybody wants to meet the angel named Matt.”

To add to the miracle, both sisters said they walked away unscathed. Carter’s chest slammed into the steering wheel while McCoy’s face went through the windshield. Plus, McCoy had surgery on her hand last week, but so far there is no sign of infection from the floodwaters.