MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Midwest City Council members unanimously approved the demolition of a house that is “deplorable” and causing a foul stench to the neighborhood.

Joe Dibrell said his wife was chased by three dogs who came from a neighbor’s home back in May, so she reported it to the city looking for help.

According to the June 28 Midwest City Council meeting, code enforcement officers and animal welfare scoped out the property in question on May 12 around 11:42 a.m.

A photo showed the inside of the home covered in trash and in shambles.

A photo of the inside of Tammie Rowden’s home where two dozen dogs were found in May. Photo provided by the Midwest City Council June 28 meeting.

Two dozen dogs were reported to be found on the property, roaming inside and outside.

The property owner, Tammie Rowden was not found on the property though.

The Director of Neighborhood Services for Midwest City, Mike Stroh told the city council he checked out the property as well and that there was a horrible smell coming from the home within 10 feet of standing from it. “I was done. It smells that bad,” he said.

Rowden was found staying in a hotel and has since been arrested on the basis of animal cruelty, according to Midwest City’s Communications and Marketing Director, Joshua Ryan.

Nearly two months later, neighbors told KFOR the smell is still prevalent, especially with the wind and heat.

Landlord, Gary Cole who rents out a property a few homes down from Rowden’s said he has even seen trash piled up in the front yard as well as homeless people going in and out of the property.

A photo of the outside of Tammie Rowden’s home where two dozen dogs were found in May. The time stamp shows June 6 at 10:51 a.m. Photo provided by the Midwest City Council June 28 meeting.

Ryan said because the house is condemned though, no one is allowed inside.

On the home’s front door, there are various notes taped that claim the house is abandoned, was once covered in feces, and is uninhabitable.

“I don’t know about demolishing the house, but unless, you know, it’s got other issues in there, like mold or whatever, you know, or just you can’t get the smell out, you know, if it’s like that then yeah knock it down,” said Cole.

Ryan told KFOR although the demolition/removal of the property has been approved by city council members, they’re in an “appeal period.”

Ryan said the property’s mortgage company has until July 28 to postmark an appeal or file with the district court.

Ryan added the city cannot provide further comment until after the appeal period.

If it’s not appealed though, the approval of removal will move forward.