THE VILLAGE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Village Police Department is looking for a man accused of road rage. Officers are still gathering their facts, but they need to find him so they can ask him some questions about the incident.

“The truck in front of me wasn’t going,” said Amy Van Zante. “So i beeped my horn and then he slowly started creeping forward.”

This is how a scary road incident in The Village began Monday around 10:45 a.m. according to Van Zante.

She said when the gold Dodge Ram 2500 in front of her was taking too long to turn from westbound Britton Rd. south onto Pennsylvania Ave., she drove around it.

Moments later on Pennsylvania, she said the truck slammed into the back of her silver Volvo SUV, near the Church’s Chicken and Braum’s Ice Cream.

“And he plowed into me two or three times and kept pushing me for a good block,” she said. “I put my hand up and said, please stop.”

In what she calls a case of road rage, she said the white male truck driver kept hitting her vehicle.

“I was holding my foot down on the brake,” she said. “By the time we stopped, he had enough room to escape to the west on Oxford Way.”

Van Zante is now distraught, saying the damage to her SUV could cost thousands of dollars to repair, and hopes police catch the driver who fled.

“It’s been very sad,” she said. “I’ve been really upset. It’s a good, safe car. I’m glad for that, but it’s been hard to not dwell on it, on the situation. It’s been really upsetting and i just have to believe it’s going to work out.”

The Village PD told KFOR they’re actively investigating. They emphasized that no one is in trouble at this time, but they need to find the driver who fled to ensure they get both sides of the incident. They aim to clear up any conflicting info they may have.

Anyone with tips is asked to give The Village PD a call.