OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A pair of homeowners fought back after a terrifying home invasion. The couple told News 4 they were determined to make sure the two suspects who had just broken into their home had no chance to escape before police arrived.

“Then I just got mad, I was mad,” said Oleta Burney. “Otherwise, I’d have been afraid.” 

On Wednesday morning, Burney and her husband were in their bedroom when they heard someone in their living room. They had just taken out the trash and left the front door unlocked for 15 minutes.

Oklahoma City Police said it was Jorge Garcia, 27, and Corey Windle, 35 in their living room.

“I guess [they were} trying to figure out how to get the cord for the TV, like they were fixing to take the TV,” said Burney.  

Police said Garcia took off while Windle froze in fear and rambled off excuses to the couple while the husband called 911.

“’Your door was wide open and we came in to check on you.’ ‘I got some bad drugs.’ Then he said ‘oh, I’m just in the wrong house’” said Barney. “Then he starts trying to get out of here, and I’m like, pushing him back. ‘Nope. You’re waiting for the police.’”

Oleta was enraged. The 5’4”, 125lb., 64-year-old held her own while Windle tried to escape. She said he bit her on the wrist and chest.

“I got the sprained wrist, I got a sprained thumb,” said Oleta. “And both of my knees are hurting today. I guess I aggravated everything on each arthritis place I have got.”

Police said they swarmed the area and booked Windle into custody.

Online court records show Windle is a career criminal with a history of burglaries and petty crimes.

Meanwhile, Garcia ran off into a nearby field, but police K9 units quickly found him.

While Oleta held her own, OKCPD said it’s better to let suspects go.

“This is a situation where tension run high and emotions run high,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk with OKCPD. “The safest thing you could possibly do is to let police do their job and find the suspects”

“My husband said, ‘I can’t believe you were willing to push it that far,’” said Oleta.  

Garcia and Windle are both facing burglary charges.

Meanwhile, Oleta had to go to the hospital to get tested because Windle broke her skin during the bite. She is also on antibiotics for any possible infections.