TECUMSEH, Okla. (KFOR) – A Tecumseh man was brutally mauled by his two pit bulls Wednesday morning.

A 911 call to Pottawatomie County dispatch came in at 8:27 a.m. for an animal attack.

Deputy Amber Soule was the closest to where the scene was reported and showed up less than eight minutes later.

Once on scene, Deputy Soule said there were bystanders trying to render aid to the victim, but couldn’t exit their vehicle as the two dogs were “vicious.”

There was a man outside the vehicle trying to keep the dogs away with a pitchfork as well, according to Deputy Soule.

Everyone on scene warned Deputy Soule not to exit her vehicle, but she said she needed to begin treating the victim.

As she stepped out of her car, one of the dogs began approaching her and was a mere few feet away.

“It was barking at me. It got within just a few feet of me. I had to shoot it. It went down,” said Deputy Soule.

However, the dog did get back up and ran off into nearby woods.

Deputy Soule said the other dog mostly hid, but eventually jet off into the woods too.

Once the scene was safe, Deputy Soule started to aid the victim with a tourniquet, but quickly realized she’d need more than that as the victim had already lost a lot of blood.

“There was a white car there that was covered in blood. I grabbed my tourniquet kit and attempted to start trying to get a tourniquet or something to try to stop some bleeding,” added Deputy Soule. “There was blood everywhere. The whole car was pretty much covered, but there was blood along both cars where you could tell he was actively trying to get away from them, doing what he could to keep himself safe, but at that point, he had already been attacked pretty profusely.”

The victim was going in and out of consciousness, but Deputy Soule was able to get his name, birth date, and information about what happened.

“He didn’t really get to tell me much other than the dogs attacked him,” stated Deputy Soule. “It was unprovoked.”

Based on pictures shown to News 4 which are too graphic to show, the victim’s arms are mangled. His muscle tissue is peaking through the wounds and his legs are also chewed up.

The victim was airlifted to OU Health.

“He has life threatening injuries and is in critical condition. He’s actually worsened since yesterday with the possibility of having surgeries,” said Deputy Soule.

The victim’s family has not yet been alerted, so his identity has not been disclosed at this time.

United Outreach Church Senior Pastor and friend of the victim, David Hanigar said the accident is “ironic” as the victim is a dog lover.

“He (the victim) was contemplating how to take his own life but he didn’t because of his dogs,” said Pastor Hanigar. “He didn’t want to abandon them.”

Pastor Hanigar said it’s going to be a real challenge for the victim and he’s heartbroken this has happened.

Hanigar is hoping for a speedy recovery as he said the victim has been through a lot recently.

Hanigar told KFOR his church may plan a fundraiser to raise money for the victim later on.

The two dogs are black pit bulls, male and female. They have a white triangle on their chest.

If you happen to encounter either dog, it’s recommended you do not approach either and call 911 immediately.

The investigation is still ongoing as deputies are working on finding the dogs as well as getting more witness statements.