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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s not your average home invasion. Armyworms are taking over, and they are causing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

“Two mornings ago, I come out and seen dozens of these little bitty worms, and then I realized they were doing all this damage,” said Rex Unruh. “I kind of feel like they are just little monsters as bad as they do and how quick they do damage.”

Unruh told KFOR he was walking down his sidewalk when he noticed these armyworms invading his lawn. The pests have eaten away portions of his grass. The damage cost Unruh and his wife $135 to fix it.

He’s not the only one with the problem. 

“We’re just covered up with phone calls,” said Gary Roberts with Acenitec Pest Control. 

The President of Acenitec Pest Control told KFOR more than 200 residents have called about armyworm invasions.

The pest comes out during certain times of the year and moves up north from the southern regions of Texas.

The areas ranged from Northwest Oklahoma City, Deer Creek, and Edmond. 

Edmond is where Unruh and his wife have spent nearly two decades fixing their home, but now that work is undone.

“It’s one of the worst things I’ve had to damage my fescue,” said Unruh. 

Roberts told KFOR you have a short time frame to treat these pests before they do significant damage.

“It basically defoliates the grass. They will chew it down all the way to the crown,” said Roberts. 

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Unruh credits early notice and Acenitec for saving part of his lawn and his pockets. 

“It could’ve been thousands of dollars to hire it done. So, I really just spent $135, and they sprayed it, and it should be good now,” said Unruh.

If you have an armyworm invasion, Roberts suggests you visit Home Depot and purchase insecticide.