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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – Police say it’s been over two weeks now since Brent Mack was last seen in Guthrie, near First Street and Cleveland. 

“This guy doesn’t disappear. If anybody knows him, he doesn’t disappear like this,” said Mack’s half-brother Troy Franklin. “This is so unusual for him to be disappearing for this long without a trace, without phone calls, without messaging.”

Now police are hoping someone knows something. 

“Nothing would be too small at this point in time to help us out,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs, with the Guthrie Police Department. 

Franklin tells KFOR Mack has three kids. 

“They are very distraught,” he said. 

He also acknowledged his brother wasn’t always perfect. 

“If you know him, you know he’s had some differences with some people, which may be the cause of this whole deal here,” said Franklin. 

He said most importantly, his brother has a big heart. 

“He’s had some issues, obviously, but he’s a genuine guy. He loves everybody,” he said. “If he’s somewhere bad off, he didn’t deserve it.”

Police say they don’t have a good description of what he was wearing or doing at the time he went missing, but did say they have already gotten some tips they’re looking into. 

“The entire city has come together. We’ve gotten a lot of information from them and a lot of prayers and support going out for the family,” said Sgt. Gibbs. 

Frankin is now offering his own $5,000 reward for anyone who can lead police to his brother’s location. 

“If we can get him home safe, beautiful, but if he’s not, then we’re gonna have some issues with whoever his perpetrator was and hopefully we can bring justice the right way to this family,” said Franklin. 

If you know anything, call Guthrie Police at (405) 282-3535.