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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A dire warning from vets, to pay attention to your pets in this bitter cold. 

“They can die in these temperatures,” said Dr. Alison Everett, with Neel Veterinarian Hospital. 

“The big thing is making sure they’re not out, so we don’t get frost bite on the tips of their ears, their tails, their toes, the lower parts of their legs,” Dr. Eryn Dinisi, also with Neel Veterinarian Hospital. 

Dr. Dinisi says frost bite is just one concern. In some cases, she’s seen pets literally freeze. 

“It was a dog that was literally a normal outdoor dog doing its job protecting the farm and unfortunately, she got caught out and frozen to the ground during the snowstorm,” she said. 

Once your pets are inside, they need to be kept away from cleaning materials. 

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Dog-owners need to protect pups from the upcoming winter storm, which is potentially life-threatening.

It’s something Dr. Everett says is a problem they’ve already seen more of during the pandemic. 

“Cleaning up anti-freeze spills, any chemicals that you’re using to kind of ice proof your area,” said Dr. Everett. 

Another reminder is to make sure their tag or chip information is up to date. 

The cold weather hinders pets’ sense of smell, so if they get out, they might not be able to make it home. 

Also make sure their drinking water is a normal temperature. 

“If the water’s too cold, they can still become hypothermic because it’s going to cool everything,” said Dr. Dinisi. 

These warnings aren’t just for dogs and cats.  Farm animals are also a concern. 

“They still need to be in an area where they have adequate shelter to get out of the wind, to get out of the cold,” said Dinisi. 

If we lose power, reptiles are a concern. 

“If people don’t have generators and do have exotics that require heat lamps or some kind of light treatment, it is essential to their survival that they have that,” said Dr. Dinisi. 

Also, make sure to bang on the hood of your car before you start it. Stray cats can seek shelter under your hood. 

Bottom line, doctors say you need to pay attention to your pet’s health and call their doctor if anything goes wrong. 

If you need help, Neel Vet Hospital is open 24/7. You can call them at: (405) 947-8387