OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman and her sister reunited with who they called their guardian angel after the man rescued the woman from drowning in a creek after a car crash.

“Everybody wants to meet the angel named Matt,” Nichole McCoy told KFOR Tuesday.

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Lashone Carter and Nichole McCoy, Image KFOR

McCoy and her sister, Lashone Carter, were searching for their hero who saved McCoy from drowning in a creek after their car crashed into the body of water near Northwest 10th and Villa on Monday. After swimming her safely to land, the sisters said the mysterious man vanished. Their only clue to identify him was his name tag that said “Matt.”

“I heard a noise, and then I saw the car go into the water,” said Matt McCully. “They were in trouble and needed help.”

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The vehicle after the crash. Image from Nichole McCoy

Workers at Mid-America Rigging connected the dots while watching News 4’s coverage. The employees later told News 4 they were the ones who picked McCully up after the save and wanted to reunite them.

“All these guys up here saw it on the news this morning,” said McCully.

McCully is a modest man of few words. The father of two has been working down the road from the scene of the crash for eight years as a foreman.

“That’s the kind of person he is. He thinks about other people,” said co-worker Mike Meadows. “That’s what makes him a great, great boss around here too.”

With the mystery solved, McCoy, Carter and McCully could finally reunite.

“Hi!” said McCully, when McCoy and Carter first walked into the warehouse. “You look like you’re doing better than the last time I saw you.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much,” said McCoy with tears in her eyes while hugging him. “I’m here because of you.”

“Well, that’s what people are supposed to do,” said McCully.

The sisters did not come empty-handed, bringing McCully pink and blue flowers in a vase and a thank you card.

“This ain’t enough for you,” said McCoy.

“Oh, you didn’t have to,” said McCully.

“I’ll never be able to repay you,” said McCoy.

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Nichole McCoy hugging Matt McCully, the man who saved her. Image KFOR

The thanks were abundant, while the hugs were frequent. The three also took time to fill in the blanks of the crash and rescue.

“But that day you threw [being] shy out the window. This was Incredible Hulk right here,” said McCoy, while McCully responded with a bashful smile.

“And you disappeared! Where did you go?” asked McCoy.

“Oh, I came back to work,” said McCully.

Believing it was a miracle that she was still alive, McCoy has already been spreading the good news about her real-life superhero.

“Tell your wife, the kids. Thank you. Tell your mom and dad they raise a mighty fine young man right here. I appreciate you so much,” said McCoy.

The sisters also promised McCully they’ve marked June 13 on their calendar, and he may be getting some surprise visits on the anniversary of the save.

“He’s going to see me every 6-13. I promise you. We are forever friends. He ain’t said it yet, but look,” said McCoy as the two stuck out their fingers for a pinky-promise.