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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City police had quite the encounter Monday morning after they were called to a stopped vehicle at an intersection on the city’s northwest side.

Traffic began to flow again at Northwest 39th and Portland on Monday morning, but not before several police cars were there, surrounding a stopped vehicle.

Lt. Michael Roof with the Oklahoma City Police Department said early Monday morning they were called to investigate why the car was there and not moving. When they arrived, they tried to approach it.

Officers said they tried to approach the car with two people inside but saw some guns, so they backed off and had to regroup.

“We located two subjects inside and there was guns visible on their persons,” Roof said. “So, at that time, the officers retreated. We asked for more units. We shut down the intersection and the area.”

Police started making announcements over their PA system but got no response. That’s when they decided to send up the police drone.

“That way we could see a little bit better with what we’re what we’re dealing with,” Roof said.

Officers kept trying to talk with the people inside the car through their PA system but were still not getting any responses.

Eventually, they decided to approach the car behind a shield and found two people inside who were not coherent. The two people were taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

“It took quite a long time from making announcements to actually getting the subjects into custody,” Roof said. “They were very incoherent, not responding to anything like almost they were sleeping through it all.”

An investigation is ongoing, and it is unclear at this point what charges they will face. The officer on scene said they also received three or four other calls overnight of people passed out at different locations.