OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Problems with a metro pool company are continuing to pile up. 

“People are angry because they’ve lost a lot of money,” said Kitt Letcher, the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Central Oklahoma. 

KFOR first told you about several Oklahomans saying they were out tens of thousands of dollars after doing business with Premier Pools and Spas of Oklahoma City at the beginning of March. 

Chris Harper, an attorney based in Edmond said since our first story aired, he’s helped about 10 more victims file lawsuits against the company. 

“Numerous of these are like the ones we had earlier on where he’d collect the money, $25,000 to $34,000, and never dig the ditch for the pool. Those are the worst ones,” said Harper. “Some of the pools we’ve actually got halfway through.” 

Harper says all of his clients are out “at least $25,000.”

“I just wish people would quit signing contracts with him,” said Harper, referring to Solano. 

The lawsuits argue that Solano violated the contracts his customers signed and that he owes them thousands of dollars. They also allege the franchise’s promise to create a “perfect backyard swimming pool” is “false, misleading and fraud upon the customers.” 

“The likelihood that they’re going to be able to recoup that money is very small, quite frankly,” said Letcher. 

Letcher told KFOR the BBB is familiar with Premier Pools and Spas of Oklahoma City and has given it a “C” rating. 

“That stems from unanswered complaints,” said Letcher. “So, we’ve tried to reach out to the business to get them to answer the complaints and hopefully resolve their issues with clients that they’ve had. And unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reach them or get in contact with them.” 

Her best advice for people looking to get a pool installed is to do their homework. 

“Looking at online reputation for a business, reading reviews, when you’re making a purchase that is this large,” said Letcher. “We recommend getting references and talking to other people that have worked with that company.” 

KFOR attempted to reach out to Solano but never heard back. 

Harper says he believes Solano is currently using a different company name and different phone number to sell pools and warns customers to be cautious.